IPA Royalty at its very Freshest from Odell Brewing Company

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September 12, 2012 by probuswines


This is a short post celebrating the fact that Odell Brewing Company’s IPA has returned to Irish shores; but the even better news is that the batch we’ve got in was only bottled eight weeks ago, so it’s wonderfully fresh!


Freshness in hoppy beers is often neglected by many of us in Ireland, with more attention being paid to the best before date rather than the “bottled on” date. Sure, the beer isn’t going to “go off” before its BBE (indeed, with darker, stronger brews the best before date is a bit of a joke really – I’m looking at a bottle of Chimay Blue Quadrupel with a BBE of 12/6/2013 and I know full well that the beer will last – and indeed improve – for the next decade or even longer if stored correctly), but, for hop-driven styles of beer, freshness plays a major part… This is all the more evident with the significant percentage of American craft brewers who opt to put a “bottled on” date on their beers and nothing else, thereby leaving it up to the drinker to decide if the beer is still up to scratch. 

The fact is that after just a couple of months in the bottle, hop aroma & flavour begins to diminish in a significant way which can often lead to the beer tasting pretty dull. The less-than-fresh hoppy beer certainly won’t be “spoiled” or “bad”, but it won’t be in the condition which the brewer intended you to be drinking it.

So, this new batch of Odell IPA is tasting pretty majestic at the moment – full of wonderful floral notes, exotic tropical fruit notes (mango & passionfruit especially), and fresh grassy tones; it’s one of the best IPAs (if not the best) available on the Irish market, and once you give it a go in its present crackingly fresh condition, I’m sure you’ll agree with me!



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