Cheese of the week: Coolea (Co. Cork)


July 2, 2012 by probuswines


This week, our cheese special is a multi-award-winner and hails from Coolea in County Cork. This excellent cow’s milk cheese is lovingly made by Dick & Sinead Willems on their farm and takes inspiration from classic Dutch Gouda recipes from times gone by.

Those of you who love your Gouda are in for a real treat as Coolea exhibits many of the same characteristics: its texture is incredibly smooth & creamy, there are plenty of rich & sweet caramel and toffee flavours, and it’s covered in a thick wax rind which adds fantastically to the overall texture and flavour.

Beer Pairing Suggestions:

The well-balanced (and not overly pungent & hoppy) flavours of rich Pale Ales compliment Coolea’s taste profile very well; two good examples to pair it with would be Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Eight Degrees’ Howling Gale Ale (keep it in the Cork family!).

Also, the light and crisp attributes of blonde ales such as Dungarvan’s Helvick Gold or Thwaites’ Wainwright provide a perfect fit for the smooth, creamy, buttery nature of Coolea.

Plus, at last week’s beer tasting session, we tried the Coolea with Innis & Gunn’s Barrel Aged Original (a Scottish pale ale matured in white-oak bourbon barrels) and the vanilla and caramel sweetness of the oak-aged ale complimented the cheese perfectly – well worth having a go if you’re in the shop!


One thought on “Cheese of the week: Coolea (Co. Cork)

  1. BEERGYUY1993 says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, beer and cheese!!

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