BrewDog: Noisier than an Alsatian at the butcher’s…but their beer is damn fine!

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June 25, 2012 by probuswines


The lads at BrewDog always have something to say; whatever your views on their bemoaning of pop-culture, their berating of the “faceless corporations” behind the world’s biggest drinks brands, or their claims to being at the forefront of the biggest cultural revolution the world has ever seen, you’ve got to admit that they’re a pretty entertaining  bunch!

If we were going to go through BrewDog’s various marketing campaigns, outlandish ideologies, and their often ingenious interpretations of some of the world’s most renowned beer styles one by one, then we’d be here all day.

However, it would probably be rude not to mention their infamous Belgian Blonde Ale “The End of History” – all 55% ABV of it (yes, you read it correctly, fifty-five percent) – which claimed the much fought over title of ‘world’s strongest beer’ and was released as a limited run of 11 bottles, each of which was cosily encased in an…ehem…striking piece of taxidermy (either a grey squirrel or a stoat if you must know!)


Anyway, we’re more bothered about the beer rather than the pomp and ceremony, so the question is: how good is it? Answer: it’s bloody great!

If you don’t believe us then come down to the shop and grab a couple of bottles to make up your own mind...

Here’s what we’ve currently got in stock:

  • The well-hopped amber ale 5am Saint (which employs loads of the American hop Simcoe to impart tons of gorgeous pine and citrus aroma & flavour to complement the brilliant caramel maltiness).
  • The ridiculously moreish Punk IPA (a real showcase of American and New Zealand hops – i.e. plenty of tropical fruit character – and a really satisfying bitter bite)
  • And…the Godfather: Hardcore IPA (an Imperial/Double IPA – think of it as Punk’s big hard brother – coming in at 9.2% ABV with an intense, pungent, and tongue-coating tropical & pine character which is balanced surprisingly well by lashings of delicious caramel malt)


PLUS, in a couple of weeks time we’ll be getting in some brand new BrewDog releases:

  • Dead Pony Club (yep, the name beats us too – oh BrewDog!) – a 3.8% sessionable pale ale with loads of summery hop character.
  • Libertine Black Ale…a relatively novel style of beer: “Black IPA” or “Cascadian Dark Ale” – basically the middle ground between a really hoppy & assertive IPA and a roasty porter/stout – which should be very interesting indeed!

So keep tuned for more information about these two new kids on the block – we’ll post reviews of them whenever they arrive!

What’s the moral of this blog post? Well, regardless of how much you love or hate BrewDog’s trash-talk, crazy schemes, and ideology, you really shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to try out some of their beers as BrewDog, unlike many others, is a company that really does walk the walk.


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