The beginnings of our library…


June 24, 2012 by probuswines



In a world of Twitter, blogs, and Facebook sometimes it’s refreshing to sit down with a good book…that’s what we think at least, so we’ve started to build a little library in our Dublin store for our customers (and us!) to enjoy!

Our first order of beer & wine books arrived last week and are pride of place on our tables around the store!

Our idea is for people to take a bit of time when they go out in search of great beer & wine, to be able to come into the shop, grab a great cup of coffee or a tasty sandwich, sit themselves down with one of our books and have a good read! There’s plenty of information in all the books about loads of the products we have in-store (especially about our ever-expanding range of craft beers), so as well as being interesting they might help you to decide what to take home with you!


One thought on “The beginnings of our library…

  1. david says:

    what a great idea – read about it while you drink it !!!!!
    sounds like heaven……..

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